Why Education is So Important to Crowdfunding

We’ve said it once and we’ll say it again – before running a crowdfunding campaign, it’s important to become educated on crowdfunding requirements, best practices, and tips & tricks. But WHY exactly is education so essential?

It’s so new (and we haven’t figured it all out yet!)

Crowdfunding as it is today has been around for less than a decade. It’s just starting to become a household topic. This means that although crowdfunding experts claim they know all there is to know about crowdfunding, there is still more we as a society need to figure out about crowdfunding before it is settled in as a commonplace way to start a business or launch a product. We must continuously research and educate ourselves and others in crowdfunding to discover new best practices and trends so that crowdfunding continues to expand.

It involves things you might not normally do.

For most people, many aspects of crowdfunding are not things they normally do (unless required in a job or hobby.) Most of us don’t ask strangers for money very often. You also probably do not record video and audio on a daily basis. Crowdfunding combines many different skills and activities for the purpose of reaching your funding goal. Although all of these pieces fit nicely together, that doesn’t mean you’re comfortable and ready to perform each task involved in the crowdfunding process. Crowdfunding requires you to do things you might not normally do, whether that means asking for money, appearing on camera, writing blogs and updates, designing a website, or creating an extensive business plan. By educating yourself in the various individual aspects of crowdfunding, you learn new skills and prepare yourself for crowdfunding as a whole.

You can adapt case studies to fit your campaign.

Imitation is the highest form of flattery, or so the saying goes. By examining case studies, you can adapt strategies and tactics successful crowdfunders have used and apply them to your own campaign. Educating yourself in this way is key to learning the ropes of crowdfunding. No individual case study or successful campaign can give you the blueprint to making your campaign a win, but by studying many different examples, you will be able to piece together a plan that is right for your endeavors.

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