6 Things Crowdfunders Can Learn from the World of Business

If you’re looking to launch a crowdfunding campaign, you should know that you are also looking to start a small business. When you raise money, gather customers, and sell a product, you’re creating your own business venture. So, it is necessary to utilize business tactics when planning your crowdfunding campaign. Plan on utilizing these strategies when tackling crowdfunding.

Create a business plan

Writing a business plan is a great way to get organized and solidify choices for your business. This process can be long and very involved and you want to be sure to not cut corners. At minimum, you should be able to describe your business, analyze your market, determine your managerial structure, explain your product line, describe marketing and sales tactics, outline your funding, project finances, and determine your uniqueness. By describing these parts of your business, you will be able to plan for your crowdfunding campaign and beyond.

Network in person

Since you’re crowdfunding, you’ve definitely heard of the benefits of networking online through social media. But, it is also important to borrow from businesspeople and also network in person. When you’re running a crowdfunding campaign, every location and event can be a unique opportunity to network and grow your business. Whether you’re shopping at the grocery store, working out at the gym, or actually attending an event meant for networking, there’s no wrong time to strike up a conversation about your endeavors. Talking to someone in person leaves more of an impression than emailing or social media because they get to see your face and hear your voice, solidifying you and your stories in their memory.

Design business cards

Going along with the previous tip, make sure that you have physical business cards on you at all times. A lot can be said about QR codes or URLs, but it is also important to hand someone a business card and give them something to walk away with. Businesspeople meet many new contacts every day and you may end up forgotten if you don’t provide your new acquaintance with your business card. Keep it clean with simple colors and designs and make sure you have your name, logo, business, title, URL, and social media profiles clearly visible.

Send a press release

Press releases serve as an announcement to the media that you are doing something you want them to know about. Press releases are typically emailed to a contact at a newspaper who edits or writes about the type of story you are telling. They give the who, what, when, where, why, and how of the story, product or event. It’s always a good idea to include a quote so a journalist can autonomously cover the story. When emailing a press release, send it to one person at a time, personalizing each message and explaining why the reporter’s audience would be interested in the story. Press releases can help you get your crowdfunding campaign and business noticed.

Capture leads

The world of business is all about leads, or prospected consumer of a product, created when an individual shows interest and provides contact information. Nearly every strategy and tactic is analyzed based on how it has impacted leads. Capture leads for your email list by creating a landing page. Consider creating ads on social media to drive traffic to your landing page to increase leads. You should also add a form to your regular website to collect email addresses.

Be relevant

Your marketing strategy should always be relevant to the world around you. Base your content and social media strategies off of timely events such as holidays, current events, and social media trends. Being relevant helps your target audience relate to you and your brand. Developing relevant content also helps to leverage emotional connection surrounding these events and trends to get people excited about your business and engage them in discussions.

Your crowdfunding campaign may lead to you being a small business owner, so throughout the whole process you should treat it as such. Utilize business tactics to create a professional and well-rounded crowdfunding campaign.